How can I make my street nails last longer? Expert Tips for Extended Wear

Preparation and Application

Achieving long-lasting results with your street nails begins with proper preparation of your natural nails and meticulous application of the product. This process helps your nail art look better and last longer.

Proper Nail Preparation

To ensure your Color Street nail strips adhere properly, start with clean, dry nails. Wash your hands thoroughly to remove oils and dirt, and then use a nail prep pad to dehydrate the nail surface. Gently push back the cuticles and shape the nails with a nail file. This creates a smooth base for the nail strips.

Applying Base Coat

A base coat serves as a foundation for your nail strips—it not only protects your natural nails but also provides a sticky surface for better adhesion. Apply a thin layer of a high-quality base coat, such as one from OPI, and let it fully dry.

Application of Nail Polish Strips

When applying Color Street nail strips, ensure the strips are at room temperature for optimal flexibility. Select the correct size for each nail, and avoid touching the adhesive side too much. Apply from the base of the nail upwards, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles. Use a nail file to remove the excess.

Using Quality Nail Polish Brands

Choosing quality brands for your nail products, including for your regular nail polish or gel polish to layer over or complement your strips, can significantly impact the longevity of your manicure. Brands like OPI, Incoco, and others found on Amazon often offer superior formulas that resist chipping and provide a longer-lasting finish.

Maintenance and Protection

Maintaining and protecting your street nails ensures they last longer and remain vibrant. The longevity of your manicure heavily depends on the steps you take immediately after application and throughout the life of your nail strips.

Applying Top Coat

Add a top coat to your nails to seal in the design and prevent chipping. Sally Hansen offers a range of top coats designed to provide a shiny, protective layer. Apply the top coat carefully, avoiding the skin around your nails, and allow it to dry completely to set your manicure in place.

Avoiding Nail Polish Damage

Be mindful of activities that can cause nail damage. Ensure you’re using a nail polish remover that isn’t overly harsh or contains a thinner that can weaken nails. When typing, texting, or performing tasks, be gentle to reduce the risk of chipping or peeling.

Regular Maintenance Routine

Establish a regular maintenance routine that includes reapplying a top coat every few days to add extra protection against wear and tear. Keep your nails hydrated with cuticle oil to maintain the adhesive quality and prevent drying or lifting.

  • Do not soak your nails in water for prolonged periods.
  • Moisturize your hands frequently.
  • Use Dashing Diva nail guards or similar products for added protection during heavy-duty tasks.

Product Selection and Usage

To ensure longevity for your street nails, selecting the right products and understanding how to use them effectively is crucial. Dive in to learn how to maximize the wear time of your nail enhancements.

Choosing the Right Nail Polish Products

When selecting nail polish strips, it’s important to opt for reputable brands like Color Street that offer a variety of designs. These ready-to-apply strips make it an affordable and convenient option over traditional polish bottles. Brands like Incoco are also known for their quality selection at stores like Ulta. Make sure to check if the website or package has any affiliate links for possible discounts.

Understanding Application Techniques

Proper application is key to nail strip longevity. Start with a clean, natural nail surface, and if the nail polish strips are not prepped at room temperature, they may not adhere as well. For example, Makeup Restart suggests that applying multiple layers can enhance durability. Additionally, there’s a slight learning curve to applying the strips smoothly—avoiding creases and ensuring they cover the entire nail.

Different Types of Nail Enhancements

Besides nail polish strips, other affordable enhancements like Impress Nails provide pre-designed options that can quickly beautify your nails. These tend to have a different application process and may come with their learning curve. Whether opting for traditional polish, adhesive strips, gel, or press-on nails, using them as directed will maximize your wear time.

Aftercare and Removal

Maintaining the longevity of your Color Street nails involves proper removal and diligent aftercare. Proper techniques and regular nourishment can prevent damage and keep your natural nails healthy underneath the strips.

Proper Removal Techniques

When you’re ready to remove your nail strips, it’s important to be gentle to avoid damaging your natural nails. Soften the adhesive by applying a nail polish remover around the edges of the strips. Look for a remover with acetone at retailers like Walmart or Target, as this will effectively dissolve the adhesive. Use a slow, careful peeling motion to remove the strips; never rush or force them off, which can lead to nail damage.

Aftercare for Natural Nails

After removing the nail strips, prioritize rehydrating and restoring your nails. Apply a nourishing cuticle oil immediately after the strips are off, and continue to use it daily. Your local Walmart or Target will carry a variety of products from brands like Sally Hansen, which are designed to replenish moisture and strengthen nails. Additionally, give your nails a break between applications of Color Street nails or any other artificial nails to allow them to breathe and recover.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you achieve long-lasting beauty with your nail strips, follow these best practices and troubleshooting tips.

What are the best practices for applying nail strips to ensure maximum longevity?

Before applying nail strips, ensure your nails are clean, dry, and free of oil. Using alcohol wipes can aid in cleaning the nail surface. Properly pushing back your cuticles allows the nail strip to adhere directly to the nail, which can extend the life of your manicure.

Is it beneficial to apply a clear coat over nail strips, and if so, how does this affect their durability?

Applying a top-quality clear top coat over nail strips can provide extra gloss and protection. This layer acts as a sealant and can help prevent chipping and edge wear, effectively extending the nails’ durability.

What steps can I take to prevent my nail strips from lifting prematurely?

To prevent your nail strips from lifting, apply them carefully, ensuring they do not extend onto the skin or cuticle. Press firmly around the edges to secure the seal. Avoiding prolonged exposure to water or moisture shortly after application can also reduce the risk of lifting.

Why might nail strips fail to adhere properly and how can this be remedied?

Nail strips may fail to adhere if there’s residue or moisture on the nails. Use a nail prep wipe to clean your nails thoroughly before application. If they still fail to stick, gently warming them before applying can improve adhesion.

How should nail strips be stored to maintain their quality before use?

Keep unused nail strips in their original packaging to protect them from dust and light. Store them in a cool, dark place to prevent the adhesive from drying out and maintain their pliability.

Can preserving nail strips at low temperatures extend their shelf life, and what method is recommended?

Storing nail strips in a refrigerator can help extend their shelf life by keeping the adhesive fresh. Ensure they are sealed tightly to avoid moisture. When you’re ready to use them, allow the strips to reach room temperature before application for best results.

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